Dr. Louis Creed

Dr Louis Creed, a doctor originally from Chicago and the protagonist of the book. Although he has some negative personality traits, such as being paranoid, overly possesive, easy to anger and soemtimes cold, he always keeps the interests of his family in mind. He is extremely skilled at his craft, and moved to Maine to further his career, taking his wife, Rachel, and two children, Elizabeth (Ellie) and Gage.

Rachel Creed

The wife of Louis Creed, Rachel Creed moves to Maine with her husband and two children. There, she intends to raise them as a stay-at-home mom. Rachel is plagued by thethe memory of her sister's death by spinal meningitis, to which Louis Creed blames her parents for leaving her home alone with her dying sister. Rachel also becomes good friends with the wife of Jud Crandall (Norma Crandall), her elderly neighbor from across the street.

Jud Crandall

Jud Crandall lives with is wife, Norma, across the street form the Creeds. Although extremely old, Jud is not portrayed as senile or forgetful, but rather wise and all-knowing. When the Creeds' cat Church gets hit by a car, Jud decides to take Louis Creed with him to the Pet Sematary in order to sapre his daughter the grief of her cat dying while she was on vacation.

Norma Crandall

Norma Crandall lives with her husband, Jud, across the street from the Creeds. She quickly becomes good friends with Rachel Creed, and occasionally watches her children for her when running errands. Norma suffers from a heart attack on halloween, but survives thanks to Dr. Louis's quick thinking and fast reaction time.

Gage Creed & Elizabeth Creed

Gage and Elizabeth (Ellie) are the children of Louis and Rachel Creed, with Ellie being the oldest. Both children flourish in their new home, and both enjoy exploring the world outside of their walls. Not much to say about them without spoiling the whole book, but they're pretty cool :D


Family cat, looks like a tiger and has amber eyes. Creepy but cool. Not much to say other than that he gets hit by a car whoops he went S P L A T